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29.05.2017 ATEX-approved telescopic loading chutes

Vortex, Darlington, UK, reports that its Loading Solutions product line has gained Zone 20 (internal) and Zone 21 (external) ATEX certification in the European Union. Because ATEX certification is required for equipment sold through the EU, this achievement allows the company to broaden its international reach and enter an established European market for retractable loading chutes. As Zone 20 and Zone 21 are the highest ATEX ratings that can be attained, Vortex chutes are now compliant for use in even the most hazardous applications.
The Notified Body which assisted Vortex in gaining certification was the UK-based firm, SGS Baseefa. The certification process took nearly one year to complete and SGS Baseefa was responsible for reviewing drawings and product standards, and for performing material testing, to ensure the Loading Solutions product line is mechanically and electrically compliant with ATEX Directive guidelines.
The ATEX Directive is designed to safeguard employees and machinery operating in potentially explosive environments

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