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25.02.2019 130th birthday for 4B Braime Group

The 4B Braime Group, with worldwide headquarters in Leeds, UK, has just celebrated its 130th anniversary. In recognition of its continuous pursuit of “engineering excellence since 1888”, the company has been awarded the prestigious Yorkshire Society plaque.

In the latter part of the 20th Century, the group launched its 4B division, which specialises in the provision of components for materials handling industries.  After establishing itself the UK in the 1970s, it then launched its electronics range in the USA in 1984. 4B has expanded steadily ever since, acquiring its French subsidiary in 1991, opening its Asia Pacific presence in Thailand in 2003, 4B Deutschland in 2005, South Africa in 2008, Australia in 2010 and Brazil in 2017. Last year saw the launch of its most recent subsidiary in Changzhou, China. Today the group operates in over 80 countries and the 4B brand has acquired a global reputation for reliability and quality engineering.

With the world’s largest range of bucket elevator components, 4B’s materials handling division has remained in the forefront of elevator bucket design and manufacture. Among the company’s landmark innovations are the Starco elevator bucket (the world’s first low-profile elevator bucket to use centrifugal discharge on a parabolic elevator head which revolutionised the way bucket elevators work to this day) and the Bolt ‘n’ Go chain system (a revolutionary assembly method for drop forged chains using bolt-on flights instead of welding).

In the 1980s, the company was the first to launch a range of specialised electronic components and sensors to minimise the risk of bucket elevator explosions in hazardous environments. When 4B introduced its Watchdog Elite safety system, the company was the first to offer a means of monitoring a complete bucket elevator or conveyor installation, replacing the need to protect against different hazards separately. Designed and made in Leeds, these products have become an industry leading brand. The 4B Group continues to develop new products in line with changing technology and its electronic systems such Hazardmon, are designed to be operated remotely via the cloud.

“4B Braime is a customer focused engineering business, which from its foundation, has always aimed to provide customers with products and solutions which are better by design”, explained Nicholas Braime, chairman and group managing director. 























4B Braime board members and business partners (from the left): Peter Alcock (non-executive director), Alan Braime (group commercial director), Carl Braime (group sales director), Cielo Cartwright (group finance director), Mohamed Rafique (Leeds City Council), Andrew Walker (non-executive director), Norman Wheat (Don Electronics), Nicholas Braime (chairman & group managing director) and Sir Rodney Walker (chairman of the Yorkshire Society)

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