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17.06.2019 European weighing industry strives for harmonisation of reverification

Representatives from European national weighing industry associations and weighing instrument manufacturers met 12-14 June in Bratislava for the annual general assembly of CECIP, the European weighing industry association. The key issue under discussion was the lack of harmonisation in reverification requirements at EU level. “The fragmented EU market for reverifications of weighing instruments is a vital issue for the European weighing industry”, said CECIP president Urs Widmer. “We could be much more competitive if EU legislation reduces these remaining barriers to trade”.

CECIP calls on the European Commission and Member States to begin actions that could result in further harmonisation. This could be, for example, legislation that harmonises reverification requirements. This message will be brought forward to EU decision makers during a CECIP event in Brussels in November.

Hosted by the Slovak association Únia Váharov, CECIP was delighted to welcome to the general assembly as key-note speaker Peter Žiga, Slovak Minister of Economy. This speech was supported by speakers representing authorities and companies from Slovakia, Ireland, China and Germany. The conference focused on the different legal requirements in Slovakia and China and new developments in market surveillance and digitisation. The Turkish company Baykon was welcomed as a new CECIP company member during the general assembly. Baykon is a producer of industrial weighing instruments and systems with its head office in Istanbul.

As each year, the general assembly provided also an opportunity to meet with other weighing industry associations across the world. This year representatives from the Japanese (JMIF) and the American (SMA) weighing associations were in attendance.


Some of the attendees at CECIP’s 2019 annual general assembly in Bratislava

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