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09.09.2019 University of Birmingham acquires laboratory eddy current separator

Bunting Magnetics Europe, Berkhamsted, UK, has won an order to supply a laboratory-sized eddy current separator and drum magnet modular system to the University of Birmingham.  Students and research staff at the university will use the new metal separation module to determine the recovery and recycling capabilities of a wide range of materials.

The laboratory metal separation module – which was manufactured at the company’s Redditch plant – comprises a vibratory feeder, drum magnet and eddy current separator.  The vibratory feeder ensures an even flow of material feeding on to the high strength drum magnet.  The drum magnet attracts and removes strongly and weakly magnetic materials.  The remaining non-magnetic fraction falls on to the belt of the eddy current separator.

In operation, conveyed non-magnetic material travels into the separation zone on the head pulley.  The design of the laboratory-sized separator model 30E enables easy adjustment of key performance criteria.  This includes a measured adjustable splitter and variable conveyor belt and magnetic rotor speed through an inverter.

The Model 30E, which before being delivered to the university was shown earlier at the RWM19 exhibition in Birmingham, features a magnetic rotor positioned eccentrically to the outer shell.  This reduces the potential of damage from ferrous metals. The overall length of the unit is just over 4m with a width of 1.4m at the widest point.  The total weight is approximately 1500kg.


The Bunting laboratory metal separation module destined for the University of Birmingham

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