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02.07.2012 1000th rotary pressure filter delivered

BHS-Sonthofen of Germany in May delivered its one-thousandth rotary pressure filter since the establishment of the company’s Filtration Technology division. The filter plant was supplied to an Asian manufacturer of cellulose derivatives. Thanks to decades of continual development, these filters are today rated for operating pressures of up to 7 bar(g) and temperatures of up to 160°C.


Prior to this, BHS-Sonthofen had already set a new record at the end of 2011 with the delivery of five RPF X 20 rotary pressure filters to a customer in China: in terms of throughput, they are the world’s largest rotary pressure filters, capable of filtering a suspension volume of 225m³/h. With the new filters, which each have a filter area of 9m², BHS is the only manufacturer to offer rotary pressure filters with an atmospheric output of this magnitude.

The unique feature of the filters is that filtration and further treatment of the filter cake take place under pressure, whereas the cake is discharged into the atmosphere from the nonpressurised discharge zone. This enables continuous operation without the use of supplementary equipment.



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