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02.07.2012 Preventing surface adhesion of filled PE bags prior to palletising

Beumer Group, headquartered in Beckum, Germany, points out that fluctuating climatic conditions or a flow behaviour of varying intensity can result in polyethylene bags becoming stuck to conveyor belts and layer stacking tables causing them to undergo significant deformation during handling. The company has recently integrated a specially coated layer stacking table into its paletpac series of palletisers, which ensures that bags are palletised in a careful and dimensionally stable manner.
If PE bags are filled with plastic granulate, they often display unstable behaviour similar to that of liquids, a problem which can be aggravated by the self-generated heat of the granulates as well as the ambient temperature. This hampers the handling of these bags considerably, since there is a risk they will deform significantly during the palletising process. To prevent any sealing seams splitting during filling, bags are often specified larger than they need to be. This reduces the pressure, and the bags do not split. However, they deform more easily, which further hampers handling. The softer and more unstable the bags, the higher the adhesion forces on the belt or the layer stacking table. This poses problems when palletising, as high friction arises between the bags and the contact surface.  Beumer has developed special layer stacking tables for its paletpac, which are coated with plastic material and can be ventilated.

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