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02.07.2012 Rotary valves certified to latest explosion-protection standard

To avoid dust explosions in industrial processes, safety barriers are widely employed to compartmentalise different sectors of the process. Under normal working conditions rotary valves are built-in to maintain the required pressure differential between compartments, allowing products to be conveyed within the process. At the same time a rotary valve can act as a safety barrier in the event of an explosion within the process. In this situation the valve prevents propagation of the explosion further into the industrial process. The explosion pressure can be relieved by means of bursting panels or by using explosion suppression systems. In order to fulfil this barrier function the rotary valves must meet high requirements.


Earlier this year VDL Industrial Products, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, gained certification for certain of its rotary valve models (including those with PU rotor blades) allowing them to be used as a safety barrier. Last April the company was audited by the German notified body FSA. The quality control system for the manufacture of these rotary valves was certified by FSA in accordance with ISO 80079-34-2011, the latest standard in this field. In addition to supplying complete explosion and fire protection systems for use in industrial processing, VDL Industrial Products also offers components for dust extraction and bulk handling, including rotary valves for these applications.


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