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31.07.2017 Giant starch silo in Poland

Mysak Group, Poznan, Poland, has recently built the country’s largest potato starch silo in Trzemeszno which has a capacity of 10,000t. It is 35.74m high and has a diameter of 27m. The main structural element – silo walls – are made of steel sheet with mineral wool insulation and their external cladding is made of corrugated aluminum sheet. An external staircase with a gallery and an internal communications tower form part of the structure. The internal communications tower is made of steel sheet in the shape of a circular tube of 2m diameter. Inside, platforms are placed every 2.5m and are interconnected by means of ladders. On the level of every platform there are inspection apertures, closed from the inside, made in the external wall of the tower.
Product supply is carried out by pneumatic conveying. Starch flow is achieved by means of a closed pipeline system from the drying section to an operational building located adjacent to the silo. A battery of two separating cyclones that operate in serial layout was used to collect the starch being transported. It is at this point that the starch is divided from the air stream and is fed by means of a screw conveyor for weighing.  
The new Mysak potato starch silo and (below) internal view

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