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04.12.2017 Innovative modular system for large blowers

Aerzener Maschinenfabrik, Aerzen, Germany, has recently introduced the Alpha Blower large blower series. Thanks to 104 model variants, it provides a high degree of flexibility for multiple customer applications. It is always the right size! AERZEN large blowers are positive displacement blowers which can be applied virtually anywhere. They can attain volume flows of up to 77,000m³/h at a maximum overpressure of 1000 mbar and a maximum negative pressure of - 800 mbar. These blowers are used in the cement, foodstuff and chemical industries for pneumatic conveying of bulk material, as well as for production of gases and oxygen. 
With the Alpha Blower the company aims to provide a new level of efficiency and flexibility. It is now possible to refer to a type variation of 26 machines with only four different profile sizes owing to the length modification of the cylinder. Furthermore, customers can select from a range of two and three-lobe rotors, as well as horizontal and vertical conveying directions, depending on the field of application and installation site. This increases the variety of models of Alpha Blower to 104 variants in total. 
The Alpha Blower has shown itself to be particularly innovative with regard to measures for reducing pipe sound emissions: In case of three-lobe blowers, the proven technology of interference channels for pulsation attenuation is still used, whereby the outlet contour of the two-lobe version is designed completely anew. By the use of the multi-flow principle for reducing air turbulences via an integrated soft inlet, which reduces pulsations, the pipe sound can be significantly decreased. Thanks to the new AirSilence technology, even downstream silencers can be of smaller dimensions now (see also EBS News for week of 13 November). 
104 model variants of the Alpha Blower guarantee flexibility for a variety of applications

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