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18.12.2017 Barton celebrates 35th birthday

Barton Fabrications, Portishead, near Bristol, the UK’s largest manufacturer of aluminium silos, has been manufacturing, installing and refurbishing silos – fabricated from stainless steel as well as aluminium – for food and plastics industries for the past 35 years. Established in 1982 by John Barton, the company has gone from strength to strength: in addition to its UK market, vessels have been exported to various parts of the world including Korea, Australia and Scandinavia.
Looking to the future, Barton Fabrications is well placed for continued growth. Particular areas for development reported by the company include the increased use of recycled materials, which opens up additional opportunities for applications for Barton’s innovative static blender unit. Commenting on the strength of the company’s position for ongoing development, managing director Mark Barton, said: 
“Although at first sight, silos are just simple metal storage vessels, we have been able to make a number of design innovations over our three and a half decades of trading. Early enhancements included insulation fitted to foodstuff silos to reduce condensation problems and latterly a ‘penthouse’ design which improves safety and convenience for operators working at height. Additionally, the introduction of load cells and telemetry has simplified supply logistics and our static in-silo blender for recycled plastics is a true innovation which has enjoyed international sales success.
“We are in an extremely strong position to develop both our products and their applications and, with the support of a dedicated team of employees, we are set for continued product development.”
Regarding the next generation’s workforce, increased emphasis on apprenticeships is identified by the company as a real solution to meeting the needs of the resource pool of skilled engineers and fabricators.  
Mark Barton in the company’s dedicated silo manufacturing tower 

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