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14.01.2019 Clinker conveying equipment for Algerian cement plants

Netherlands-based AUMUND Holding reports that a close working relationship between AUMUND France and AUMUND China has resulted in large orders for the group for two new cement plants at Zahana and Bechar in Algeria. Decades of customer support, in particular strong after-sales service by AUMUND France in Algeria, as well as the close relationship of AUMUND China to the Sinoma Group, have culminated in this achievement.

The two orders together comprise 26 belt and chain bucket elevators, two bucket apron conveyors, 10 pan conveyors and 10 drag chain conveyors.

The Société des Ciments de Zahana (SCIZ) plant, which has a daily capacity of 4500t, is near Oran. Here three chain bucket elevators with centre distances ranging from 22.5 to 34.9m, and capacities from 50 to 220t/h, will be used to convey cement and clinker. Eleven Belt Bucket Elevators (cc 22.5 -116.1m) will convey raw meal, cement and clinker with capacities between 190 and 680t/h. The bucket apron conveyor with a centre distance of 61.1m and a capacity of 360t/h will join the five pan conveyors (cc 18.3 -106.8m, capacity 300 – 360t/h) in conveying clinker. The 10 drag chain conveyors with centre distances between 6.1 and 33.8m will be used in clinker dust extraction and are designed for conveying capacities from 15 to 80t/h.

The second order for Algeria, for the Bechar cement plant, was placed by CBMI with AUMUND Beijing with support from AUMUND France. This plant has a capacity of 3200t/day and will operate 15 belt and chain bucket elevators, five pan conveyors and a bucket apron conveyor for its bulk materials handling. The bucket elevators with their centre distances ranging from 11 to 102.9m will convey raw meal, cement and clinker at rates between 70 to 480t/h. The five pan conveyors, with centre distances from 22.2 to 89.8m, will convey their loads at up to 480t/h. The bucket apron conveyor in Bechar (centre distance 88.5m, capacity 200t/h) will also convey clinker. All the above-mentioned materials handling machines are manufactured by AUMUND.

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