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21.01.2019 Reliable and long-lasting twin-screw extruders

Coperion, Stuttgart, Germany, reports that several of its twin-screw extruders installed at Russia’s Research and Production Enterprise POLYPLASTIC –  the largest manufacturer of compound materials in the CIS region with its headquarters in Moscow and over 700 employees at three locations across Russia – have demonstrated their reliability and cost efficiency for over 20 years. At its Togliatti and Engels locations, the company currently produces approximately 80,000t of compounds on six different large ZSK and STS series systems.

Evgeniy Ambrosov, technical director at R&P POLYPLASTIC, commented: “Since its purchase in 1997, we have profited from the quality and performance of our first ZSK. This twin screw extruder, with a 70mm screw diameter, is still in operation. Today, we primarily produce filled PA6 formulations with throughputs of up to 80t per month, at batch sizes between 5 and 10t.”

The STS 75 twin screw extruders with 75mm screw diameters that R&P POLYPLASTIC operates at its Togliatti site, are among the latest generation of machines from Coperion. Polypropylene, polyamide, and polyethylene compounds are formulated in batch sizes of 5 to 60t. The company is able to benefit from the option for remote maintenance via the Coperion ServiceBox integrated into its most recent extrusion systems, reducing the equipment’s already low maintenance expense even further. With this online monitoring tool, Coperion’s service team has access via secure internet connection from anywhere in the world to the operator’s equipment network so that malfunctions can be analysed, evaluated, and usually remedied quickly.


R&P POLYPLASTIC produces mainly polypropylene, polyamide and polyethylene compounds for processing into auto parts, household appliances and construction materials on Coperion STS 75-type twin-screw extruders at its Togliatti plant

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