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11.02.2019 Express manufacturing of spare parts

Windmöller & Hölscher (see above) has since April 2018 been offering an express manufacturing service for spare parts. In the event of (imminent) machine downtime, machine spare parts are often required in record time. The company has 90% of all required original spare parts directly available from stock, but there are also rare consumables or old machine parts that are not stored. The W&H express production closes this gap: simple to medium complex machine components that have been manufactured to customer specifications (drawing parts), can be rebuilt and delivered in less than 24 hours. During the intervening nine months more than 200 rush orders have been dispatched.

"Our express service for spare parts works in a similar way to an emergency room: the most important thing is to stabilise the patient, i.e. the machine, and keep it alive. This is how we prevent production shutdowns. We get very positive feedback from our customers for the fast immediate help," said Jörg Dellbrügge, head of W&H service logistics. The conventional delivery time for rare consumables that are not stored in stock is two weeks or longer. W&H's express spare parts, on the other hand, can be on their way to the customer just one day after receipt of the order. "It always depends on the urgency of the order. A spare part from us is sometimes just an interim solution until the final machine part is finished. If, for example, this still has to be refined, experience has shown that production always takes a little longer."


As part of W&H’s express manufacturing service, rare machine replacement parts can be produced and delivered in less than 24 hours

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