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25.02.2019 New recycling test plant at Master Magnets

UK-based Bunting Magnetics Europe, following an increase in the demand for material testing, has built a new recycling test facility at its Master Magnets manufacturing operation in Redditch.  Initially, the facility will house two models of stainless-steel magnetic separator and an eddy current separator.

“We are seeing an increase in the number of controlled material tests,” explained Adrian Coleman, general manager of Master Magnets.  “The tests confirm the separation performance, enabling the recycling company to calculate the benefits.  As material specifications tighten and separation performance becomes increasingly critical, the number of tests we undertake increase.”

The new recycling test facility covers an area of 122 square metres and was constructed in less than three months. “Often, customers want to witness the tests,” said Coleman. “The new recycling test facility enables large groups of people to safely participate.” The new facility expands Bunting’s and Master Magnets’ testing capabilities.  One of the world’s most extensive laboratories for high intensity magnetic separators for the mineral processing and ceramics industries is already located at the Master Magnets plant.

“Already, the new recycling test facility is in operation on a daily basis,” said Coleman.  “Our aim is to undertake tests for more companies.  We can demonstrate what separation is possible and, hopefully, help in maximising the economic viability of many recycling projects.”

View inside the new Master Magnets recycling test plant

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