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25.02.2019 Transforming dirty packaging film into high-quality regranulate

Lindner Recyclingtech, Spittal and der Drau, Austria, has recently supplied six shredders to Caroda Polymer Recovery, a subsidiary of Dutch plastics waste processor Daly Plastics. Caroda recycles agricultural and packaging films to produce regranulates which match the quality of virgin material. Two Jupiter 2200 and four Micromat 2000 shredders from Lindner provide the recovery facility with the ideal particle size. Caroda now operates four granulation lines at its Zutphen site in the Netherlands.

The agricultural film is collected from over 2500 farmers in the Benelux countries and northern Germany. Approximately 64,000t of used film arrive for processing each year, the majority of which is recycled as reusable polyethylene recyclate.

Recycling of the film flakes in the adjacent building comprises fine shredding, dry cleaning, extrusion and granulate bagging. Each of the four lines processes one colour of film and is equipped with a Lindner Micromat 2000. An economical solution for Daly Plastics/Caroda is that – with a capacity of two to three tonnes per hour – the Micromat produces 50mm particles. This is ideal for subsequent dry cleaning, whereby Linder WashTech’s Intensive Dry Cleaner 150/300 is used to remove leftover dirt and mineral build-up, as well as reduce the moisture present in the film. Subsequently the clean film flakes are granulated and transported to the extruder. The extruded, thread-like plastic strands are then cooled and cut to pellets.


From the left: Lindner product manager, Stefan Scheiflinger-Ehrenwerth; Daly Plastics managing director and owner, Peter Daalder; and Daly Plastics COO Gerd Gerdes, in front of bales of packaging film










A Jupiter 2200 shredder from Lindner-Recyclingtech shown being loaded with unclean agricultural film at the Zutphen, Netherlands, waste processing plant of Caroda Polymer Recovery, a subsidiary of Daly Plastics; the shredder is said to offer the perfect cut as well as safeguarding against foreign objects, helping to produce plastic regranulate which is comparable to virgin material


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