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04.03.2019 Continuous mixer for chocolate production

Ajax Equipment, Bolton, UK, has supplied a leading UK-based high integrity manufacturing and services provider with a continuous mixer featuring Lynflow™ clog-resistant blades for mixing chocolate with inclusions.

The single screw paddle mixer will combine warm chocolate with free-flowing candy pieces. To ensure the liquid chocolate maintains the required temperature, the mixer features a heated jacket and screw shaft. The contact parts of the mixer are constructed from 316L stainless steel with polished crack and crevice free welds for a hygienic finish.

“Ajax’s Lynflow flights offer an effective means of mixing while avoiding particle attrition and damage to sensitive products, often part of food production, are minimised. Ajax continuous mixers are ideal for homogenising chocolate and other pastes as well as incorporating inclusions including cereals, crispies, nuts, and fruits,” said  Ajax managing director Eddie McGee. His company also produces twin screw mixers for combining chocolate with other liquors and pastes, etc.

The Ajax continuous mixer awaiting delivery to the customer

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