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18.03.2019 Introduction to uniaxial testing

In a new online presentation Freeman Technology managing director Tim Freeman introduces uniaxial powder testing, explaining the measurement methodology and presenting example data. Key features of the instrument and their potential benefits are discussed including the offline ‘consolidation station’, an accessory that significantly enhances the productivity of investigations into the impact of storage and environmental conditions.

Uniaxial powder testing ranks powder flowability via the same metric as a shear cell tester, but uses a simpler, faster, more direct technique. It provides an excellent alternative to traditional powder testers and is particularly useful for quality control applications.

The introduction of the Freeman Technology Uniaxial Powder Tester (UPT) delivers the benefits of uniaxial powder testing to a variety of industrial applications, including the food sector. The nature of many food powders means that processing and handling can be challenging. Powders with a high fat content, for example, can be very cohesive, may suffer from inconsistent flow, and if left for an extended period of time, are prone to agglomeration. The issues that affect processing can also increase variability, or even cause null results, in traditional powder flow tests such as angle of repose, flow through an orifice and shear cell testing. The presentation can be viewed at:

Many food powders can be cohesive, resulting in erratic flow characteristics

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