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18.03.2019 Popular mixer offers new functionalities and wider choice of sizes

Gericke, Regensdorf, Switzerland, has gained a reputation as a pioneer in the design of powder mixers for demanding applications. Based on sound scientific knowledge, extensive trials and experience gained from many installations around the globe, the company’s GMS double-shaft mixer is widely regarded internationally as being in the technological forefront of powder mixing. With new options and functionalities, the GMS is claimed to be the optimal process solution for many applications. The batch mixer is now available in sizes from 140 up to 5000 litres.

The machine can achieve short mixing times while maintaining high mixing efficiency.  Homogeneous mixing of micro-ingredients (down to <0.001%) has never been easier and faster and effectively replaces the need of expensive premixes. The effectiveness of the mixing (RSD <1.0%) can easily be checked in one of Gericke’s test centres around the globe.

The design of the GMS mixer and the high mixing dynamics with the fluidised zone do not only allow for mixing of powders but also for the efficient addition of liquid ingredients.

New optional cutters (patent pending) can be fitted via the main door to disperse agglomerates. For cleaning requirements the front door swivels open, allowing easy access to the cutters.

The GMS also comes with inflated double shell housing, which allows the temperature to be controlled as well as to safeguard product quality. Active cooling or heating is achieved by efficient heat transfer from the jacket to the mixer. Typical application for controlled heat transfer are mixing of synthetic products that are sensitive to high temperatures and the addition of liquids that tend to crystallise on the cold mixer housing.

External and internal view of Gericke’s GMS 5000 mixer

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