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25.03.2019 Extending the frontiers of open-mouthed bagging

Concetti, Bastia Umbra, Italy, has launched the I-Flex bagging machine for open-mouthed bags. Key features are extreme versatility, simplicity and compactness. It was introduced to the public for the first time in the second half of March at the Figan livestock and animal feed fair in Zaragoza, Spain. The acronym stands for ‘infinite flexibility’ which indicates the great versatility and potential of a bagging machine designed to work with fully automatic format changes and a very wide range of bag widths from 250 to 600mm.  I-Flex offers the possibility of managing various types and closure for paper, raffia and plastic bags with just one system. The new fully automatic model is part of the established IGF Concetti series of Industry 4.0 compliant machines.

The simplicity and absolute precision of the weighing and bagging system, coupled with an attractive design and exceptional reliability, further advance the I-Flex’s technical sophistication.

Boga Tecnica, Concetti’s agent for the Iberian peninsula, identified the need for an entirely new concept of bagging machine. I-Flex was in fact designed and built entirely by Concetti engineers, designers and technicians for a Spanish customer in the feed industry who will be the first to experience the advanced capabilities of the new bagging machine. The model has been designed for producers of loose free-flowing materials, who need to deal with frequent packaging changes, limited space and a requirement to obtain the maximum in terms of versatility from a single plant. 

The compactness and flexibility of Concetti’s I-Flex are among its main attractions

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