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01.04.2019 Portable XRF spectrometer offers powerful elemental analysis

Malvern Panalytical, Almelo, the Netherlands, in March launched the next generation of its Epsilon 1 X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer. This compact yet powerful instrument is expected to be a mainstay across industry, enabling fast and reproducible elemental analysis – but now with greater flexibility and precision.

The comprehensive upgrade has focused on harnessing all the power and sensitivity of a larger benchtop XRF instrument in a truly compact system – the new Epsilon 1 has a footprint of only 0.15m2. The instrument’s size, along with its robust new design, makes it well suited for use in the field. The major upgrade to the Epsilon 1’s precision has been enabled by the integration of a high-power X-ray tube and a new detector, which together deliver a threefold improvement in sensitivity, along with rapid measurement capabilities. Trace metals in pharmaceuticals, foods, soils and metal ores can now be quantified more quickly and accurately than ever before in an instrument of this size. The system’s robust design prevents damage to its analytical heart by dust or oil, and ease of operation has also been improved, with the addition of a brighter touchscreen.


The new compact Epsilon 1 XRF spectrometer

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