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06.05.2019 Crane hook weigher has built-in dynamic compensation

PENKO Engineering, Ede, the Netherlands, has developed a crane hook weigher which incorporates an integral patented compensation system that not only calculates acceleration and deceleration but also provides an automatic adjustment to the local acceleration of gravity. The compensation uses PENKO's speciality, fast measurement with a high internal resolution.

Thanks to this provision, the instrument is suitable for all free-hanging mobile applications, including freight transport of bulk materials in bags, bulk bags and other types of container. The unit features a robust stainless steel enclosure with class IP68 protection and, despite its solid design, the instrument weighs only 25kg. Vulnerable connection cables are unnecessary. The transfer of the weighing data takes place wirelessly to a web browser, the battery power supply allowing four hours of uninterrupted weighing. The weigher is available in capacity ranges from 0 - 150kg, up to and including 2500kg. PENKO supplies complete weight controlling panels as well as a wide range of instrumentation and controllers designed for high speed/high accuracy weighing and dosing applications.

Transfer of data from the crane hook weigher takes place wirelessly

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