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15.10.2012 Biomass handling: ceramic linings protect against abrasion damage

Wear-protection specialist Kingfisher Industrial, Cradley Heath, UK, has recently adopted an application specific solution to the handling of biomass for power generation, using its K-ZAS ceramic lining system in pneumatic conveying pipework, and the K-CAST monolithic ceramic lining for countering the different amounts of wear that occur in triffucators, non-return valves and within the burners, where abrasion is at its greatest. Rated nine on the MOHS hardness scale and having excellent thermal shock resistance, K-ZAS is well suited to provide protection against excessive abrasion and high temperatures for applications within the power generation, bulk solids handling and mineral processing industries.
K-CAST offers the key advantage of constant performance at elevated temperatures, up to as high as 1200°C. It is also designed to provide a highly flexible solution to abrasion induced problems, offering excellent resistance to both impact and sliding induced abrasion.




Biomass co-firing in modern coal power facilities can cause wear damage to handling plant

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