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03.06.2019 Overcoming problems of handling nickel powders

Ajax Equipment, Bolton, UK, has supplied Brighouse based project engineering, design and consultancy service provider, Projex Solutions Ltd, with a handling system comprising collecting hopper and screw conveyor for transferring nickel and nickel oxide powder.

The nickel handling system collects the powder from a kiln gas cyclone. The mild steel hopper is V-shaped and steep-walled to help ensure best flow behaviour. The collecting screw features both left and right-hand flights for efficient central discharge. Nickel is a fine, highly dense powder which is very abrasive. To mitigate the resulting wear, the flights of the screw have been treated with an abrasion-resistant coating.

“The original cyclone hopper design had a history of bridging which would cause production delays on the kiln. Projex were challenged to come up with a design concept to reduce the time delays. Ajax professionally turned the concept of this bridge breaking hopper into an engineered device on time and in budget to fit into a busy kiln refit programme,” said Ian Lund, principal engineer, Projex Solutions.

The steep-walled hopper designed and manufactured by Ajax Equipment

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