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03.06.2019 Expansion of FEEDOS feeder range

Gericke, Regensdorf, Switzerland, reports that following the launch last year of its innovative new design of feeder, the FEEDOS range has now grown into a complete family of feeders for hygienic and basic applications in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industry. In addition to the volumetric versions, also gravimetric adaptations for even better accuracy are now part of the standard programme.

The modular FEEDOS design combines minimum dead zones with good accessibility for cleaning and maintenance. With the Easyclean version, even the most stringent requirements in hygienic applications or frequent product changes can be fulfilled. The swing-hinged feeding chamber option allows even better access to the feeding chamber and intromitter.

The FEEDOS design has gained very quick acceptance in the market and is already being used in various demanding applications, such as infant nutrition, baking ingredients, pharmaceutical formulation and battery production. For increased accuracy the advantages of the FEEDOS line can also be combined with various Gericke scale systems. The established Easydos Pro controller supports platform and suspended weighing solutions and allows for superior weighing accuracy.



Gericke’s DIW-PE-FEEDOS S-15 viewed from different angles

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