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10.06.2019 Mixing technology for metallurgical applications

Lödige Process Technology, Paderborn, Germany, will present industry-specific mixing systems and components as well as related processing technologies for metallurgical applications at Metec 2019 in Düsseldorf, 25-29 June. Ploughshare mixers—which are based on the mechanically generated fluid bed process patented by Lödige—are especially suitable for production of sinter material and ore mixtures.

One example at the Lödige booth (Hall 4/F23) is the FKM 600 Ploughshare Mixer® with a drum volume of 600 litres. Specially designed for heavy and coarse processing applications, the mixer internals are protected by extremely wear-resistant materials. The machine has a removable inner rubber lining as wear protection for the cylindrical drum and for the head pieces. The Ploughshare mixing tools are equipped with a hard metal tungsten carbide welding. In this way, a Vicker’s hardness of more than 3000 is achieved, which leads to a considerable increase in service life.

Since heavy-duty applications often involve products with difficult properties, for instance those which tend to set and harden, Lödige offers a divided mixing drum as an additional equipment option for the mixer. This permits easy access to the inside of the machine. Replacing shovels, shaft and rubber lining becomes much simpler and can be achieved with minimum delay.

Ploughshare mixers, which are based on the mechanically generated fluid bed process patented by Lödige, are especially well suited for production of sintering material and ore mixtures

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