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17.06.2019 On-site maintenance service for process systems

Ingredient Batching Systems, Hanwell, London, UK, has always been prepared to organise the maintenance and servicing of its own systems and, if asked, has been willing to service other parts of the existing site processing system. This has been happening in recent months with such frequency that a new division is about to be formed that will have the capability to handle a company’s entire servicing and maintenance requirement.

Tim Stewardson, managing director of Ingredient Batching Systems, commented: “Naturally, we have always had the capability of being able to service our own systems and if a customer asked us, we would always be prepared to service other providers’ systems also. But this is not something that we have actively pursued because we haven’t had the staff necessary to provide the correct level of service. Now that we have, we are actively looking to expand our maintenance and service capability.

“Our solution is to visit the site and run a complete audit on the site process system. From this audit we will provide the customer with a detailed document that will cover every element of the system for planned maintenance.”


An Ingredient Batching Systems engineer carrying out on-site servicing

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