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24.06.2019 Greening of SternMaid’s Wittenburg site

SternMaid, Wittenburg, Germany – part of the Hamburg-based Stern-Wywiol Group - has created a flowering meadow some 11,500m² in size on part of its company site. The area behind Plant 2 is now home to numerous indigenous wild flowers, herbs, bushes and trees like hawthorn and pussy willow, providing a habitat for insects, birds and other animal species.

When SternMaid’s Plant 2 was built in Wittenburg in 2017 the design of the outdoor facilities was included in the planning. Following a suggestion by the company’s owner, Volkmar Wywiol, it was decided to plant a large part of the unused space with insect-friendly flowering perennials instead of just an area of lawns. Because of last year’s drought, hardly any of the plants developed as expected. But since this year’s spring brought more rainfall, the seeds still in the ground were able to germinate. In the meantime, a great many of the plants like poppies and wild perennials are in full bloom and serve insects as a source of nourishment. In order to counteract the loss of honey bees, two hives with as many as 60,000 bees each were set up on the meadow at the beginning of June. The annual honey production is at present estimated at about 40 to 50kg.

SternMaid was established in 1996 and has since become one of Europe’s leading food industry contract manufacturers. With over 300 employees, the company offers a wide range of services. Besides manufacturing powdered food ingredients, food supplements and pharmaceutical excipients on a contract basis, the company blends and processes special ingredients for baby food, vitamin mixtures, OTC and pharmaceutical products, and also foods for special dietetic purposes. A total of 15 different blending lines and a diversity of filling lines for industrial and retail packs are available to meet a broad range of requirements.

SternMaid’s new flowering meadow behind Plant 2

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