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24.06.2019 Stretch-hooder protects palletised organic foods

BEUMER Group, Beckum, Germany, recently supplied one of its stretch hood A stretch-hooding machines to Davert GmbH, which specialises in sale and distribution of high quality organic foods such as rice, legumes and cereal products including sugar, dried fruit, nuts, oilseeds and sprouting seeds that need to be protected from dust and pests during storage as well as from damage during onward transport to supermarkets and health food stores. The BEUMER stretch hood A covers the mixed pallets of bags, cartons and pails with a highly elastic stretch film, protecting them against external influences as well as keeping the merchandise secured during transport.

Before being shipped out, the organic foodstuffs undergo special quality controls. Employees examine the incoming raw products and set up the required cleaning steps. In one mill for example, air flow from the aspiration channel removes stalk remnants, husks and dust from the cereal. Different sized grains are separated using screens. Weed seeds and light particles such as defective grains are removed by an opto-electronic sorter.

In compliance with the quality assurance process, employees pack the goods in a variety of ways, depending on the product: rice, flour, linseed and grains are packed into bags, larger storage quantities into bulk bags. Packaged legumes, nuts, dried fruit and muesli are filled into boxes, honey into pails. Depending on the store order, the team stacks the various unit loads on to mixed pallets.

BEUMER stretch hood A; the unit supplied to Davert employs highly elastic film to protect and secure mixed pallet loads comprising bags, cartons and pails
















Davert with its 150 employees is based in Ascheberg, in the southern Münster region of Germany

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