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05.08.2019 THIELMANN makes move into IBC rental

THIELMANN, Zug, Switzerland, a major player in the container industry, has delivered for decades a wide range of high quality container solutions, on a global scale, for all industries. The company is additionally offering rental and leasing of intermediate bulk containers. “This move is in line with THIELMANN's strategy to react to the increased demand for one-stop-solutions from the market”, said CEO Bernd Loeser. “We are now able to offer all options to our customers, from buying and leasing to rent-to-own and renting.” Zine Temmar, heading the company’s IBC renting business added. “We have built up a large stock fleet of containers in preparation for our official launch. This fleet is dedicated to the transport of foodstuffs, chemicals as well as cosmetic products. We are able to complement the fleet with additional types of containers, as and when required.”

In addition the company is making available leasing and financial solutions to its customers. These have been developed in close collaboration with THIELMANN’s financial partners. Beyond the containers themselves, the company provides a wide range of services, such as IBC maintenance, spare parts, repairs, cleaning, consulting, periodical testing and inspections (covering both regulatory and non-regulatory requirements) and logistics services. A modern range of optional container back-up services is also on offer such as IoT devices for geolocation and movement traceability, filling systems, and pressure and temperature sensors.


Thielmann stainless steel IBCs

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