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09.09.2019 Sample scoop designed for pharma applications

Bürkle , Bad Bellingen, Germany, has extended its range of sampling equipment with the introduction of the PharmaScoop which has been designed for use in the pharmaceutical industry. The long handle of the sample scoop makes it possible to take samples even from places that are difficult to reach, for example large containers with very little content. The high rim prevents the sample from spilling after it is taken. Its light design ensures comfortable handling.

The PharmaScoop has been developed in order to meet the high requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, such as those specified in the FDA regulations. It is fabricated from AISI 316 stainless steel without edges, crevices or undercuts in which sample residues could otherwise collect and contaminate subsequent samples. The highly polished inner and outer surfaces of the scoop meet all the requirements for GMP compliance in production and sampling. The capacity of the scoop is 1000ml and its length is 235mm. The total length of the PharmaScoop with long handle is 835mm. 


PharmaScoop with long handle

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