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09.09.2019 Advanced processing technologies for food ingredient formulations

Glatt Ingenieurtechnik, Weimar, Germany, will be exhibiting on Stand 6E163 at Fi Europe 2019, the food ingredients trade show which takes place 3-5 December in Paris. The plant engineering and process development specialist will present effective methods for enhanced product design with natural ingredients for sports nutrition, dietary supplements and beverage applications.

In many industries, factors such as nutritional requirements, climate change, the debate on plastic waste and the increasing relevance of online media have prompted a shift away from traditional thinking. More and more manufacturers are responding to the need to replace certain ingredients and develop new formulations based on natural ingredients for increasingly health-oriented consumers.

For these applications, Glatt's fluidised bed and spouted bed technologies offer significant benefits in terms of particle design. Sensitive natural ingredients such as vitamins and minerals, as well as fragrances and aromas can be produced, protected and refined using these technologies. In a single process step, for example, powders and liquids are turned into dustfree, granulates and pellets that have excellent flow properties and are easy to dose. By using spray granulation, spray agglomeration, spray coating or spray encapsulation (microencapsulation), it is possible to functionalise particles and optimise the properties of sensitive raw materials for new formulations.


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