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23.09.2019 Twin-shaft batch mixers vital for major Stuttgart construction project

BHS-Sonthofen, located in Sonthofen, Germany, has supplied mixing technology for the Stuttgart 21 railway and urban development project which is currently under construction. Two twin-shaft batch mixers with an output of 2.25 cubic metres of compacted concrete per batch are being employed to produce the highly complex concrete needed for certain elements of the construction.

The requirements for the concrete used in this exceptional project are colossal. The concrete is produced by Godel-Beton, which has been involved in the Stuttgart 21 project since 2013 and supplies its concrete to a number of different subsectors. A mobile mixing system with a twin-shaft batch mixer of type DKX was installed on the construction site of the underground station to produce the required concrete. A second mixing system is located in nearby Fellbach for the chalice-shaped top, which requires several times the amount of concrete needed for the base (500-800 cubic metres).

The concrete mixture was specially developed for the pillars by Marko Aldag, a civil engineer at Godel-Beton, together with his team. The fact that the supports have to achieve their necessary compressive strength is only one of the challenging aspects of the project. Godel-Beton has always relied on the twin-shaft batch mixers from BHS-Sonthofen that was once again the partner of choice for this important project.

The concrete is subjected to several controls to ensure the quality of the material. Starting at the Fellbach plant, Godel-Beton employees check the raw materials used during production. A second check takes place on the construction site, and the installation company checks the material a third and final time at the pump.



A BHS-Sonthofen twin-shaft batch mixer blends the complex formula in just 90 seconds




Work on the Stuttgart 21 project

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