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07.10.2019 Small feeder for masterbatch applications

Schenck Process, Darmstadt, Germany, has extended its ProFlex® C family of feeders with the introduction of the ProFlex C100, the smallest in the series. With ProFlex C 500, 3000 and 6000 models, the company already offers three feeder sizes with a total of five extension hoppers.

Up to five C100 feeders can be grouped around the inlet of a laboratory or small size extruder. The asymmetric design prevents bridging and plugging of sticky material. The unit is equipped with an integral gearbox for turndown ratios of up to 1:120. The flexible wall liner is massaged at eight points, allowing constant and accurate filling of the screw feed element. The ProFlex C has been designed for continuous feeding of bulk materials such as powders, granulates, pellets or fibres. The ProFlex C100 will be displayed by Schenck Process at the K-Show (Stand 76 in Hall 11).



The ProFlex C family of feeders from Schenck Process

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