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11.11.2019 Cliffe Packaging moves into new premises

Cliffe Packaging, Crewe, UK, has expanded into a new purpose-equipped office, warehouse and logistics facility. This follows a major programme of investment initiated by the company last year to support ambitious business growth and development plans. The decision to invest over €400,000 in the latest pallet cover manufacturing machine also identified the need to integrate the company's management, production, storage and despatch operations. The new facility at Apollo Park in Crewe has achieved that important objective.

Cliffe Packaging is one of the UK's leading suppliers of bulk bags, packaging products and pallet wrapping materials, with over £3 million of product in stock at any point in time. The company provides a wide range of industries - including food, agriculture, manufacturing, construction and - with invaluable product advice and knowledge coupled to a fast, reliable delivery service, including on-line consignment tracking.

Director Phil Dawber is confident that the company's investment in new premises, plant and equipment will provide a sound springboard for the next phase of development. "We work in a highly competitive sector of the UK packaging industry, but our application knowledge, product integrity, customer service and just-in-time supply capabilities have sustained our business growth while many other suppliers have come and gone," he said.

"Our on-going investment programme will ensure that Cliffe Packaging's systems and procedures continue to meet and, where possible, exceed our customers' needs and the regulatory requirements of their industries. An issue of wide concern is the environmental sustainability of all forms of packaging, not just product packaging which is so often the subject of news reports. We will continue to work with the bulk packaging supply chain to source products which offer multi-trip capability and environmentally friendly end-of-life disposal."


Main entrance of Cliffe Packaging’s new facility at Apollo Park, Crewe

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