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25.11.2019 Two bagging systems in one safeguard against cross-contamination

Concetti, Bastia Umbra, Italy, manufacturer of automatic systems for bagging and palletising bulk products, has designed the new Gemini packaging system for animal feed supplements – or similar applications – to manage both medicated and non-medicated feeds, within a single machine, whilst minimising the risk of cross-contamination between product batches. This is a highly regulated area requiring precise measures to meet both client and regulatory needs.

The filler is equipped with two separate weighing and filling systems, which work alternately, thereby reducing the risk of transmitting active substances between different products. In addition to physical separation of products during weighing and filling, the machine is equipped with a highly efficient cleaning system. The preformed bag, once full, can then be sewn or heat-sealed, depending on the needs of the user. The bags are then conveyed to the palletizer. The installation requires a much smaller space compared to two different packaging plants, a major economic advantage of the Gemini system.

The versatile packaging system can manage a wide range of bag sizes, thanks to the automatic bag holder with selectable opening: pre-made open-mouth bags from 2.5 to 25kg, flat or gusseted bags of raffia, plastic raffia, paper, or plastic. The machine can handle several types of granular and powdery products. Outputs of up to 800 x 25kg bags/h and 1000 x 5kg bags/h can be achieved.

The complete turn-key line can be configured with the addition of a ‘four-column’ palletizer from the Concetti range, suitable for palletising partially filled bags, thanks to its ability to overlap bags during stacking.





Concetti’s Gemini IGF 1200: two hygienic bagging systems in one

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