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03.02.2020 Safe docking of bulk bags containing problematic materials

Dec Group (Dietrich Engineering Consultants), Ecublens, Switzerland, has introduced the patent pending SafeDock for docking bulk bags. It simplifies operation and offers a high level of safety when handling toxic or sterile products (OEB 4). The system consists of a dead zone-free cylinder tube with a continuous liner system attached to the side.

The bulk bag spout is connected with a flexible one-way ring inside the tube. An automated closure provides optimal sealing. After emptying, the disposable ring and inliner can be disposed of under high containment using the continuous liner system. This solvent-resistant system can be cleaned in-place with the optionally available CIP cover. Depending on the process requirements, the system can be designed in different materials and sizes.

SafeDock will be among the exhibits on the Dec Deutschland stand (B20-4) at the SOLIDS Dortmund trade show which takes place 1-2 April.


 Dec Group’s SafeDock offers a high level of safety when discharging toxic or sterile products from bulk bags

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