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03.02.2020 Novel ATEX-approved easy-clean rotary magnet

Greenwood Magnetics, Rochdale, UK, has introduced a powerful rotary magnet approved for use in ATEX Zone 20 internal environments. It is believed to be the first rotary magnet to combine 10,000 gauss magnet strength with easy-clean technology in a unit that is approved for use in ATEX 20 environments, where dust/powder explosion risk is highest.

The inline magnetic separator features a ‘scraper-plate’ design which means that the easy-clean magnetic tubes have a magnetic strength of 10,000 gauss, tested and certified on the contact surface.

It has been designed for use in vertical process lines for removal of ferrous and paramagnetic particles from dry product. The centrally mounted grid gently rotates, extracting fine ferrous and semi-ferrous particles whilst ensuring that the product remains free flowing, avoiding bridging or clogging. It has been designed specifically for products susceptible to bridging such as milk powder or starch.

With the Greenwood easy-clean system, the magnets can be readily extracted from the rotary assembly, allowing ferrous and paramagnetic particles to fall into a collection tray for simple removal and analysis. This delivers a better, faster method of cleaning, enhancing operator safety and efficiency.

The 10,000 Gauss Easy Clean Rotary Magnet ATEX 20 has been approved by notified body Intertek. The design is protected by registered design number 007214622. Intertek has also audited Greenwood Magnetics’ ISO 9001 quality management system. Greenwood has already received its first order, even before the official launch of the product.

The Greenwood easy-clean system allows the magnets to be readily extracted from the rotary assembly, with ferrous and paramagnetic particles being collected in a tray beneath for subsequent removal and analysis




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