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17.02.2020 Testing carbon black in accordance with the latest ASTM classification

Micromeritics Instrument Corp., Norcross, GA – with European offices in Unterschleissheim, Germany – has developed an optimised, automated solution for customers looking to test carbon blacks in accordance with the newly revised ASTM D1765-18 classification system for carbon blacks used in rubber products.

Carbon black is widely used as a filler to make reinforced rubbers with optimised properties, for example, for tyre production and anti-vibration solutions. Additionally, speciality carbon blacks are widely used in plastics and pigments.

The Micromeritics DVVA II is a fully automated dynamic void volume analyzer which is designed to measure the compressed void volume and apparent density of carbon black powders with precision and accuracy.

Using the DVVA II, carbon black producers and users can readily access the benefits of the newly revised classification system. The measurement requires no chemical agents, uses a relatively small amount of sample, is highly reproducible and generates no hazardous waste. A range of parameters can be calculated to maximise the information regarding each sample with analysis normally taking no more than 10 minutes.

Dynamic Void Volume Analyzer (DVVA) II from Micromeritics

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