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17.02.2020 Key Technology expands global customer support service

Key Technology, Walla Walla, WA – with European demonstration and testing facilities in Hasselt,Belgium, and Beusichem, the Netherlands – at the end of 2019 announced the rebranding of its customer service organisation as SupportPro. This global programme includes technical support such as installation, start-up, training, preventive maintenance and 24/7 emergency assistance as well as remote monitoring, protection plans, upgrades and parts sales together with other services previously available under the earlier PROliance programme. SupportPro is aimed at helping food processors reduce costs, increase uptime and improve equipment performance.

Modern inspection systems, such as VERYX® digital sorters and G6 ADR® automatic defect removal systems, equipped with Key’s RemoteMD™ can be remotely accessed by SupportPro service teams. RemoteMD proactively monitors the condition of the sorter or ADR, assesses the status and alerts the customer if problems are detected. A secure two-way remote session between the system and a SupportPro service technician can be initiated. By automating monitoring and diagnosis, as well as enabling remote fixes and software management, RemoteMD reduces on-site service calls and speeds resolution times.

SupportPro offers a broad range of services to keep Key Technology’s digital sorting, conveying and automation systems operating at optimal performance levels over their entire service life

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