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02.03.2020 Agitated screw feeder for paint production

Ajax Equipment, Bolton, UK, has supplied a paints and coatings solutions manufacturer with a stainless steel agitated screw feeder and transition chute. The screw feeder is similar to many previous machines supplied, still in use in another part of this customer’s facility.

The new feeder features a transition chute which allows the feeder to be supplied from intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) and a longer screw to meet the needs of the facility layout as well as enabling the screw to be retracted. Retracting the feeder’s screw makes cleaning both the screw and the machine internally easier when changing IBCs.

“Agitated screw feeders are often used with materials that are inherently susceptible to arching or where flow rates are low for gravity flow. Above the screw, blades rotate within a hopper at right angles to the screw; this agitates the material, as well as directing downwards towards the screw,” commented Eddie McGee, managing director, Ajax Equipment.  “Ajax’s agitated screw feeders have separate drives for the screw and agitator to ensure that the speed of the agitator can be optimised independently from that of the screw.”

An Ajax engineer installs the stainless steel agitated screw feeder on site

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