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30.03.2020 Inline particle size measurement in real time can detect screen breakage

DYNA Instruments, Hamburg, Germany, specialising in powder and bulk measurement technology, has introduced DYNAsize, a particle size measurement instrument which can be installed directly beneath screening machines. It measures the particle size distribution in real time – inline and online. The system uses a high precision optical measurement method which detects particle size differences to 85μm.

In the product stream, up to 10,000 particles per second are measured and evaluated. Limits for the upper and lower particle size can be set individually and activate two relays if the set points are exceeded. Software that is incorporated into the system allows the continuous visualisation of the actual particle size distribution. With an integrated digital recorder this can be shown over time (last hour/day/week). The system is maintenance-free thanks to an integrated air purge that prevents the optics becoming obscured by dust or debris. Also, the device can be used for real-time product inspection, monitoring the milling process or – again with regard to screening – to detect clogging of material on the screen linings.

Until now quality control of the screening process has tended to be sporadic. Samples of the screened product are taken and normally analysed with very expensive and sensitive measurement technology in the laboratory. It takes several hours before the results are available and the product has meanwhile often undergone further processing. Screen breakages often remain undetected for a long time, resulting in many tons of bulk material having to be re-screened. This has an extremely negative impact on efficiency, but the consequential damage can also be much higher, resulting sometimes in waste disposal of complete batches.

In the event of a screen overrunning, large quantities of accepted product gets discharged with the oversized particles. Depending on how the oversized particles are treated, this means either product loss or unnecessary increased load on the mills. DYNA Instruments will be exhibiting at SOLIDS Dortmund, 24-25 June on Stand C 04A4.



DYNAsize presents new bulk processing opportunities, especially in sieving and milling applications; in accordance with increasing automation (Industry 4.0) it guarantees cost reduction as well as transparency and safety

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