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13.04.2020 New design of control valve doses fine powders from silos

RAYMAN spol. s r. o., Kladno, Czech Republic, has produced a new type of a control valve, designated the Regulatory Discharger RV. It has been designed for dosing of fine powder materials, such as fly-ash, cement, milled lime or limestone from a silo. The Regulatory Discharger can be delivered in three sizes, RV 25, RV 80 and RV 100, for dosing capacity of about 1t/h up to 150t/h, depending on silo shape and physical properties of the powder, including its bulk density.

The Regulatory Discharger can be used instead of rotary dosing valves and rotary valves. It does not have any rotary parts in contact with the bulk material. Its primary components can be fabricated from hard SiSiC ceramic, so it offers wear resistance when dosing abrasive materials (like fly-ash) and ensures a long service life. The unit also safeguards against uncontrolled flooding of fine materials.

In the first quarter of this year RAYMAN supplied six RV 80 valves to CMC a. s., Radotin, Czech Republic – a member of HeidelbergCement Group – for dosing fly-ash from six silos into the mill circuit. They formed part of a large order which included upgrading of silo aeration systems, fluid segregation of impurities, dosing, scaling and conveying with a 29m long FD 250 Fluid Conveyor feeding to an existing bucket elevator. The Fluid Conveyor was designed with a gradient of only 4%, on account of the existing unfavourable height conditions. The customer opted for the technical solution provided by the RV 80 Regulatory Dischargers as a result of very good long-term experience with two RV 25 valves for a similar fly-ash dosing application.

One of the RAYMAN RV80 Regulatory Discharger valves installed at the CMC plant and (below) pictured together with the FD 250 Fluid Conveyor

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