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27.04.2020 New generation of slow-speed shredders

Doppstadt Umwelttechnik, Velbert, Germany, has introduced two new shredders: the METHOR and the INVENTHOR Type 6. By unveiling the METHOR, the company is for the first time presenting a slow-speed shredder that has been specifically developed for handling small volume flows. Here Doppstadt’s high-performance technology is being made available to customers who frequently process or shred small quantities, especially batches of materials that change frequently. The manufacturer believes it to be the world’s most flexible single-shaft shredder.

With the INVENTHOR Type 6, Doppstadt is consistently continuing its ‘Smart Solutions’ concept. This latest generation of slow-speed shredders is designed to deliver maximum efficiency during shredding. At the same time, its intuitive operating concept and modular design guarantee maximum availability for a wide range of applications.

The company emphasises that shredding does not get easier when the amount of material decreases. In fact, it is just the opposite: processing small volume flows efficiently presents a challenge. With the METHOR, Doppstadt accepts this challenge. The company has combined its entire know-how and has developed a slow-speed shredder that makes professional shredding attractive for a wide variety of applications.

The range of possible applications of the INVENTHOR Type 6 is very diverse: from landfills and recycling plants through to waste wood processing facilities; from pre-shredding through to homogenisation in thermal waste processing operations. Thanks to Doppstadt’s multi tool concept, the shredder can be quickly adjusted to different materials by switching out the entire shredding system (shaft with teeth, toothed bar and, if necessary, limiters).

The INVENTHOR Type 6 is available as standard with a semi-trailer and tracked chassis so that it can also be moved automatically when required by the operating conditions. In combination with other Smart Solutions from Doppstadt, it can be expanded into a high-performance complete solution, e.g. with the Selector 800 and its rugged SWS 800 spiral shaft screening deck.

After intensive testing, both the INVENTHOR Type 6 and the METHOR are about to be officially launched. Even though all of the major industry trade shows have been cancelled or postponed, the launch and subsequent sales will take place in May 2020 as planned.

METHOR, the new single shaft shredder from Doppstadt












The versatile INVENTHOR Type 6

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