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27.04.2020 ….as does Schütz

World-leading IBC manufacturer Schütz has also decided to make a contribution and in record time developed and started manufacturing face shields at its headquarters in Selters, Germany. These protective visors are already being supplied to care facilities in the region. They consist of three components: a headband, an elastic strap and a facial shield. Thanks to decades of experience in plastic processing and injection moulding, it only took the company two days to make the necessary injection moulding tool in-house for producing large quantities of the headbands to which the shields are attached. The plastic film for the shield is supplied by the packaging specialist’s cooperation partner Klöckner Pentaplast, which has also donated a large number of face shields to the campaign.

In the first delivery, Schütz was able to provide local hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and midwives with thousands of visors free of charge within a very short time. The response was overwhelming, and the company received messages from numerous other hospitals and nursing homes, all of which were experiencing a severe shortage of this protective gear. In order to meet demand quickly and increase capacity accordingly, Schütz immediately ordered larger quantities of materials for this special production run and is now in a position to offer even larger quantities of visors as a complete set for self-assembly at cost price

The Covid-19 pandemic requires the strictest hygienic measures – particularly in clinics, doctors’ surgeries and nursing homes. All around the world, disinfectant has become scarce and more supplies are urgently needed. With its ‘Helping Hands’ project, BASF is striving to close the supply gap: the company is providing hand disinfectant free of charge to hospitals in the Rhein-Neckar metropolitan region. Schütz welcomes and supports this exemplary project initiated by its longstanding customer and is supplying every second IBC for this project free of charge. These IBCs comply with the latest packaging safety requirements for sensitive hygiene products.

At short notice Schütz has managed to produce thousands of protective visors





























Special preventative measures are enforced at the Schütz factory in Selters to ensure the IBCs comply with latest packaging safety requirements for sensitive hygiene products

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