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11.05.2020 Typhoon opens wear protection division

Typhoon, Beveren-Leie, Waregem, Belgium, has inaugurated a 'wear solutions' department. This new business unit will be led by Marc Deweirdt, assisted by a team of project engineers. The objective of the new department is to assist companies in extending the service life of their industrial installations by providing solutions with regard to wear and tear. The knowledge of wear-resistant coatings will be used within the framework of maintenance assignments or for the (re)construction of industrial installations. The way in which the expertise in wear-resistant solutions is marketed is unique because of the fact that Typhoon can call upon its own engineering, its own production equipment, its own assembly teams and this coordinated by its own project leaders.

Typhoon has specialised in bulk handling, pneumatic conveying and dust extraction installations for industry for more than 60 years. Its core business has always been air technology, i.e. dust removal from industrial work environments as well as for the people living in the vicinity of these factories. Over the years, Typhoon has continuously adapted its projects and components in order to earn its status as a progressive partner for the process industry. Thus, the challenges have evolved into more energy-efficient installations, reliable installations that have to run 24/7, from low-maintenance installations to low-noise installations. The company points out that today, the expected life span of an industrial installation is compromised by wear and tear problems due to the fact that modern industrial companies increasingly use recycled material streams.


A cyclone treated with a Typhoon wear-protective coating, showing head of the new wear protection division Marc Deweirdt (left) with managing director Kris Devidt

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