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08.06.2020 New president for CECIP

CECIP, Brussels, Belgium – the European weighing industry association – in the first week of June elected Nick Parsons as new president of the association at a general assembly which was held online. He is a British national and currently deputy chief sales officer at Minebea Intec. He has held a wide range of positions within the weighing industry and has previously been active in weighing industry associations in the UK, Ireland and USA. His knowledge of the industry and experience within associations made him an excellent candidate for this role.

The election of Nick Parsons means that Urs Widmer will step back as CECIP president, a position he held during the last six years. In his last general assembly as CECIP president Mr Widmer thanked the CECIP members for their support and said he was glad to leave CECIP in good hands. “It was a great pleasure to be the CECIP president over the last years. I believe we represented the European weighing industry well due to the great support from all CECIP members in the different working groups. I am confident Nick will be an outstanding CECIP president leading CECIP in a new decade.”

The handover took place during an online meeting and Mr Parsons’ new role is effective immediately. In his speech he mentioned that he was glad Urs Widmer left him CECIP in its current healthy state. “First of all, I would like to thank Urs for his passion and commitment to CECIP over the last six years. Thanks to his leadership, the activities of CECIP were brought to the next level. I hope to continue the great work started by Urs during my term, including CECIP’s vision for the European Weighing industry by 2030 and our relationships with the various authorities. I am looking forward to the continued cooperation with the CECIP members, the authorities and our international cooperation partners.”

Next to the new CECIP president, a new president of the CECIP international cooperation group (ICG) and business & trade group was elected. Luis Cachón, head of legal metrology of the Mettler Toledo Group, replaces Roland Nater as ICG president.

The CECIP international cooperation group focuses on promoting relations with industry associations outside Europe. Currently CECIP has partnership agreements with associations in the USA, Japan and China.

Furthermore, Juan Román (CEO of Dibal) was elected as new president of the business & trade group (BTG). Although BTG president Richard Herbert steps back as president, he will remain active within the working group.

Nick Parsons

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