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15.06.2020 Theo Pouw opts for Dino Light

Van Beek, Drunen, the Netherlands, has supplied a ‘Light’ version of its screw-type bulk truck loader to Utrecht-based Theo Pouw Group which operates a series of Dutch stockyard facilities for construction raw materials and concrete products. This company also specialises in soil remediation and processing of demolition debris.

Van Beek points out that the more refined features of the standard Dino are not always needed when handling coarse materials such as sand, cement or bauxite. For this reason the company also offers the option of the Dino Light model, a basic bulk truck loader. “The loading time of our bulk trailer was too long”, explained Hans Kortekaas of Theo Pouw Group. Roel Kneepkens, sales manager at Van Beek, added: “First of all the machine was running once a week, now it is four to five times a day. With such an increased intensity of loading it has become necessary to do this faster, more easily and more safely.”

“Based on what Theo Pouw Group stated it needed, a configuration was drawn up and offered”, said Kneepkens. The choice fell on the Dino Light. Where the ‘standard’ Dino is equipped with many options, aimed at cleaning and internal inspection of the machine for example for the food industry, the Dino Light is a simplified version for coarse raw materials, such as gravel or sand. All ‘the bells and whistles’ are omitted here. For example, compared with the standard design the Light version does not have a hydraulic cylinder that can be raised and lowered at the press of a button. There is also no fold-out cover over the whole length of the housing, no ladder and this version has a simplified switch cabinet.

 “Some companies do not need the accessories that the Dino has. By removing these options we make a bulk truck loader at a reduced price, that still has the high Van Beek quality”, explained Kneepkens. For example, if the machine is not cleaned with water or is not used for food, carbon steel can be used in place of stainless steel. The customised Dino Light was delivered within the 12 week deadline. However, it soon became clear that the extra option of a swivelling wheel with a blocking pin was needed instead of the fixed wheels. These were purchased and retrofitted.;


‘Light’ version of the Van Beek Dino

(Below) One of the Theo Pouw Group’s raw material processing and storage facilities

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