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22.06.2020 Diverter valves handle aggregates

DMN-WESTINGHOUSE UK, subsidiary of the Dutch parent company, has won a significant order for BTD ball-type diverter valves from a major customer in the aggregates sector. The BTD was designed specifically to handle abrasive products. In power stations and incinerators, BTDs have been installed as part of systems to handle bio-mass media and fly-ash. Elsewhere BTDs have been installed in foundries and cement works and are used in the glass, ceramic, limestone, gypsum and chemical industries.

As the BTD was specifically designed to be a part of a pneumatic conveying system, it had to capable of being retrofitted in addition to being installed as part of a new system. The housing of the BTD is manufactured from ductile, spheroidal cast iron and because of the way that it has been designed, it can handle positive pressures up to 6 bar g and negative pressures up to -0.5 bar g. Product flowing though the straight leg of the BTD has an uninterrupted flow. However, once the valve is set to divert, the product itself provides a wear surface thereby protecting the valves internal components. Also, The BTD can be used for either diverting (one leg into two) or converging (two legs into one).

The BTD is available in seven sizes from 65mm to 250mm and versions conforming to ATEX 2014/34/EU are available. 

BTD ball diverter

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