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22.06.2020 Powder flow testing for additive manufacturing

Freeman Technology, Tewkesbury, UK – a Micromeritics company and a global leader in powder characterisation technology – has released an eBook focusing on the application of powder flow testing in additive manufacturing (AM). Powders used for AM, or 3D printing, range from metals and polymers through to pharmaceutical formulations. The study focuses on the measurement of bulk powder properties, notably flowability via dynamic testing, being used by industry pioneers to enhance throughput and printed product quality. Including a range of case-studies, it provides valuable, expert guidance for materials scientists and engineers looking to optimise the application and performance of AM.

Written in clear, easy-to-understand language, the new eBook summarises Freeman Technology’s understanding and expertise in this area, gathered over many years working with academic and industrial leaders. Readers can learn about:

•    Which powder properties are most relevant to AM performance and why?
•    The strengths and limitations of different techniques for powder flow measurement.
•    The benefits of multi-faceted powder testing, via a series of case studies from in-house research and industrial collaborations.

The robust specification of powders for AM is challenging with subtle differences distinguishing powders that perform well from those that will be economically or technically inferior. Multi-faceted powder characterisation – based on the measurement of dynamic, bulk and shear properties – provides valuable insight into powder behaviour with the exemplary sensitivity and established relevance of dynamic testing often proving critical. The eBook can be freely downloaded at:

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