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20.07.2020 Vortex’s Nordic agent undergoes restructuring

Vortex Global, Darlington, UK, reports that Mespo, its representative in Denmark, is expanding its reach within Nordic countries to include Norway and Sweden as well. With the addition of a Swedish office, Mespo will be responsible for creating customer relationships, arranging site visits, and following up on Vortex customer inquiries received in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Mespo sells components, machines, and customised solutions for powder handling manufacturers. With a combined 50 years of experience in the powder handling industry, Mespo founders Bo Christoffersen and Anders Fridman have extensive experience and knowledge of powder technologies and application installations.

“Mespo was a great addition to our line of representatives in 2015,” commented Laurence Millington, managing director at Vortex Global. “The addition of their Swedish office will help us better serve the Nordic region and we look forward to our continued partnership.” Customers in Denmark will continue to be served by the Danish office while customers in Norway and Sweden will be served by Mespo Sweden AB. (Danish customers); (Norwegian and Swedish customers);

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